Green Leaf provides a mobile mulching service and can mulch branches, trees and remove green waste that you have lying around your property.

Mulch can be tipped on site for you to use on your garden or taken away, the choice is yours. Fees and charges vary so please contact us for a quote.

We service the southern highlands area including Bowral, Mittagong, Moss Vale, Berrima, Robertson.

A little bit about Mulch

Landscape mulch is an important component of environmentally sustainable gardens and landscapes.

Studies have found arborist woodchip to be one of the best performers in terms of water infiltration, moisture retention, temperature moderation, inhibiting weed growth and stimulating microorganism activity, to cite just a few.

Using wood mulch benefits the environment because waste wood goes into the garden instead of a landfill. Wood mulch is economical, readily available, and it’s easy to apply and remove. It isn’t blown around by winds like lightweight mulches. When it no longer looks its best, you can compost it or work it directly into the soil.
You can use either chipped wood or bark mulch with confidence, knowing that you are helping your garden and the environment.

When to apply mulch

Mulches are best applied from mid- to late spring and autumn, when the soil is moist and warm. It is best to avoid applying mulches in winter and early spring as the soil is too cold, and in summer, when it will be dry. They can be applied around new plantings or to established beds and specimen plants.

How to apply mulch

Beds and borders can be mulched entirely, taking care not to smother low growing plants or to pile mulches up against the stems of woody plants.
  • To be effective, biodegradable mulches need to be between at least 5cm (2in) and ideally 7.5cm (3in) thick
  • Lay mulches over moist soil, after removing weeds, including their roots, when the soil is not frozen
  • When creating new beds, planting through mulch sheets is effective
  • Single trees and specimen shrubs are best mulched to the radius of the canopy

Mulch for Sale

We generate quality arborist mulch which is great to spread on your garden. If you would like to purchase garden mulch please contact us.

We can also assist with green waste removal.

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