Here at Green Leaf Tree & Garden Solutions we have considerable expertise in working with hedges of all types and sizes and can produce a result that both complements and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property.

We offer professional hedge trimming services of the highest quality in the southern highlands by delivering results to your exact specifications each and every time. We stand by our work and aren’t satisfied unless you’re 100% happy with the job. Rest assured with confidence that your satisfaction with our hedge trimming & shaping services is our number one priority.

Hedges play an important role in outdoor landscaping and design. They help to provide your yard with beauty as well as privacy. Making your hedges look their best does require regular maintenance. This can be time consuming and you also need to have a firm understanding of proper pruning for each type of plant. A well-maintained hedge highlights your property and its landscape with an aesthetic look. Depending on their type and age, hedges need specific care to ensure they don’t overgrow. When it comes to hedge trimming & shaping, constant attention to both the plant and the soil will keep them healthy and vibrant.

Green Leaf can ensure your hedges are nicely shaped and safe for your property and anything residing on it. Our specialists have the experience and the equipment required to trim hedges of any size. It is of particular importance to make sure that your formal hedges are regularly trimmed. Formal hedges need far more regular attention and trimming than informal hedges do. If you have an established hedge, it will need to be regularly trimmed to ensure that it remains as dense and compact as possible. When beautifully trimmed, it is the classic way to give an outdoor area a touch of class and the perfect finishing touch to a delightful garden. It can also provide valuable privacy for your home and protect your garden from the elements.

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